Solvent Vinyl - Media for Solvent Printing

Our range of vinyl for solvent printers continues to grow, with over 100 products to choose from, including the full MACtac range and eco solvent vinyls! We have strengthened our self adhesive vinyls and banner vinyl ranges as well as adding in specialities printables such as wallpapers, metallic films and roll-up and pop-up materials. A lot of these products are suitable for use with the HP Latex ink technology - call the sales office for an up to date list of profiles and products. Also look out for our range; new products which are "greener" solutions.

Buy only what you need

All the media in our solvent range is now available "buy the metre", from vinyl to canvas, to pop ups, to backlit media - everything. Just buy what you need – when you need it.

New products in the Media for Solvent Printing range includes:

  • DS2700G and DS2700M - 80µ monomeric 2-3 year vinyls with permanent clear solvent acrylic adhesive available in gloss white and satin whiteNew Product
  • DS2740G - 80μ gloss white monomeric 2-3 year vinyl with removable clear solvent acrylic adhesiveNew Product
  • DS2710G and DS2710M - 80μ gloss white monomeric 2-3 year vinyl with permanent grey solvent acrylic adhesiveNew Product
  • DS2812G and DS2812M - 80µ gloss clear and textured clear monomeric 2-3 year vinyls with permanent clear solvent acrylic adhesiveNew Product
  • DS2842G - 80μ gloss clear monomeric 2-3 year vinyl with removable clear solvent acrylic adhesiveNew Product
  • DS3052 - 80µ gloss monomeric 3 year vinyl with ultra clear permanent solvent acrylic adhesiveNew Product
  • JT5829 SPB - A gloss white monomeric with black opaque semi-permanent adhesive
  • DS3016 - 150μ 3 year scuff resistant textured white monomeric vinyl with clear removable adhesive for flat-sided applications New Product
  • DS3037 GAF - Gloss white monomeric semi-permanent re-positionable 'Air Free' adhesiveNew Product
  • DS3047 - Double-sided block out gloss white monomeric permanent adhesiveNew Product
  • LD3882G - An 80μ gloss clear ultra high tack polymeric with extra strong permanent adhesive for difficult surfacesNew Product
  • SFL350M - 350gsm / 10oz laminated matt scrim PVC banner suitable for both solvent and
    latex ink printingNew Product
  • XIGN 12 - 310µ ultra smooth single sided anti-curl block out PVC banner with grey backingNew Product
  • TSSC9 - 215µ satin synthetic canvas textured polypropylene film with a realistic imitation canvas look - deal for cost effective canvas look printsNew Product
  • TSPT12 - 280µ FabTex matt self-adhesive fabric, semi-permanent adhesiveNew Product
  • MACtac JT5817 PUV - 'One way vision' window vinyl. White, perforated (1.6mm) monomeric with a 55/45 vinyl to hole ratio, black reverse side, semi-permanent adhesive and film liner for UV printingNew Product
  • LB0002M - A bio-degradable, satin finished, corn based film with a permanent grey adhesive for the graphics market. LB0002M is a more environmentally acceptable product which does not contain PVC, chlorine or plasticisersEnvironmental considerations + New Product
  • D7120 and D7121 - A price competitive, but high quality, branded 100µ gloss white monomeric PVC for shorter term graphic applications onto flat-sided surfaces
  • MACtac JT5422 P - One of MACtac's first printable products in their 'green' range; JT5422P is PVC, chlorine and phthalate free. It is suitable for flat-sided applicationsEnvironmental considerations + New Product
  • MACtac WW100, WW200 and WW300 and Streetrap - For wall wrapping/coverings onto brickwork, all are white gloss conformable vinyls with grey permanent adhesive for difficult-to- stick-to surfaces
  • ENDURO TACK™ - Featuring a specially formulated adhesive to ensure fantastic adhesion to low energy plastics for use predominantly on off-road motorcycles
  • SFC550M - A smooth fire-rated scrim banner with a brilliant white shade and probably the strongest banner in our range. If you only want to stock one banner then this is our recommended choice
  • TSGP225 - A gloss photo paper with better print quality and heavier weight than our older TSPHG6, and at a lower price
  • TSSP225 - A satin version of TSGP225. Excellent print quality, suitable for latex printing and the base paper is sourced from certified managed forests
  • TSPPG6 - A lighter and much lower cost version of our TSPPG9 gloss outdoor poster paper and the base base paper is sourced from certified managed forests
  • TSFP7 and TSFP13 - Opaque satin polyesters for roll-up and pop-up graphics
  • TSME8 - Our strongest mesh banner with easy to remove liner
  • TSG & TSB self adhesive films - An eye catching range of self adhesive metallic brushed and gloss gold and silver films ideal for PoS, nameplates, badges, retail advertising and exhibition graphics

Hassle free quality solvent products at competitive prices

During the last decade we have built up the knowledge and experience that allows us to deliver hassle free quality solvent products at competitive prices. In-house we have most of the popular wide format solvent inkjet printers such as the new HP L25500 latex printer as well as those from Mimaki and the full range of Roland eco-solvent printers. We use these for product testing, development and colour profiling. This capability allows us to really test all the products we sell to ensure we have the necessary profiles and knowledge to support them in the field. (This ability is done through our principle suppier,  All Print Suppllies)

Technical advice and support

For technical advice or support on how to get the best out of your printer and our media, call our sales office on 07522053912, or email

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